Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Crafty Collage jewelry!

I just completed another collage bracelet!  I had a duplicate Calvin & Hobbes book and needed a crafty way to start using it up.  So I made the collage bracelet and a matching pendant!  

Calvin & Hobbes Recycled Bamboo Tile Necklace & Bangle Bracelet set. 
Necklace pendant: I cut up a placemat (seen under the necklace stand) and decoupaged Calvin & Hobbes comics on it. 
Bangle Bracelet: I cut up the Calvin & Hobbes comics and collaged it on a blank unfinished wooden bangle.  Lined the inside of the bracelet with recycled Victoria's Secret ribbon for comfort and a pop of color!
Both covered with a thick glossy sealer. 

Also in this post:  Better pictures of the previously posted Leopard Print collage bracelet!

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