Monday, May 18, 2009

Crafty Weekend!

I taught a "Mixed Media Jewelry Class" at the Tampa Artist Emporium on Saturday.  Only one person showed up out of the 6 that signed up for it.  I guess we will be requiring deposits from now on.

We re-purposed bamboo tiles from placemats in several fun ways and made them into jewelry.  (similar to the Calvin & Hobbes necklace in my previous post).  We decoupaged/collaged them, painted them, stamped, etc.  

Speaking of the Stamping...I discovered the Adirondack Alcohol Inks from Ranger Industries and BOY am I loving those things... I must get all the colors!  I taught the class participant (& my mom) how to use them and then stamp over them with archival ink.  It makes really pretty jewelry pieces!  I want to use the stuff on other things, too... if it's not moving, I'm going to ink and stamp it!
Oh, and Tim Holtz is my new crafty hero!  Claudine Hellmuth, too!  Love her stuff!  (They both do demos with Ranger products and have their own lines with Ranger).

Pictures & a short tutorial to come soon!  Back to your regularly scheduled work day!